No Deposit Bingo

Online free bingo is one of the most popular games across the world. Online free bingo casino game is specially popular in US and UK. In 2006, the revenue generated by the online free no deposit bingo was US $.5 billion, which excluded US’s revenue. In 2010, the revenue is predicted to grow to $ 1 billion. Unlike the traditional game of bingo ball, the online no deposit bingo sites use a random number generator in place of the regular balls.

The unique feature of no deposit bingo sites, is the presence of chat line. This emphasizes the role of no bingo deposit sites as networking sites and gives players a sense of community and it makes the customer retention easy for no bingo deposit sites.

The history of the free bingo is very interesting. In 1530, a game which had similar features of free bingo used to be played in Italy which was called Lo Giuoco Code LotoD’Italia”. This game is still played in Italy on every Saturday. From there the game spread first to Europe and then it travelled to United States of America. It was in United States of America, that the name of the game changed to Bingo. In 1996, the first online free bingo game was launched which was known as bingo zone. In this game, the players were supposed to give their demographic information. In 1998, the second online free bingo game was launched which was called Bingo Blitz. The both online free no deposit bingo websites became wildly successful. Soon most of the gambling websites followed in the steps to cash the success of the both free no deposit bingo websites. Now most of the gambling websites have free no deposit Bingo casino games on their websites.
Free Bingo is the strong part of United Kingdom’s local history. It has its own strong traditions and culture which are preserved till today. In free bingo when calling numbers, they recall various nicknames which have been given to the particular number. For e.g. number 26 is always called as bed and breakfast as the original price of the stay with bed and breakfast was 2 shillings and 6 pence.

If you want to play and learn free bingo online without losing your money, you must register on no deposit bingo sites. After your registration on the free no deposit Bingo website, you can start playing on the casino game. The site allots you a card generated by random generator. After pushing the start button the computer software starts calling the random number which is between 1 to 75. The computer is programmed to perform the task. When the pre-programmed software starts calling the random numbers, you are supposed to compare the numbers on your card and cut them. In free bingo, you have to achieve a particular pattern on your own ticket to win the prize.

The objective of the free bingo game is to make some particular pattern on you card to win the game. The particular patterns are checked by the no deposit bingo sites. If they match with the figures called by the pre-programmed software and the exact pattern has been achieved by the player, he gets the winner’s prize of free bingo. If the exact pattern has been achieved by two players, the winning prize of free bingo is shared by the both of them.

Some no deposit bingo sites generate random cards for all of the players so that each player has an equal probability of winning the casino game and the prize of free bingo game. Other free no deposit bingo websites distribute a limited no. of cards to one person. As the creation of the cards is a random process, no 2 cards are same. But the design of every card is the same for free bingo casino game. Every card is has 5 rows and 5 columns. The centre of the card is bare and the columns and rows have some single number in print on it. If you want to increase your chances of winning the free bingo prize, you can follow different methods

1. You can play with many cards in one time but it will lead to your confusion and you can lose the track of numbers which were called by the free bingo’s preprogrammed software. So, if you can handle it, you should play free bingo with only 3 to 4 cards in one time.
2. You can change the timing of your play for e.g. in the evenings and the morning when there are few players against you. You should avoid playing on weekends, when there is a lot of competition on no deposit bingo sites

You should play free bingo thrice in a week as it enhances the mental capacity, observation skill, mental speed and memory of the player just as the physical exercise enhances the tone of the body as per the research conducted by the study group. It provides a good platform for having social experience.

In the early 20th century, the free bingo became popular in Australia where it was known by Housie. In 1800, an education version of the bingo was used to teach multiplication tables to the German children. When bingo came to United States of America, initially the game was known by the name of Beanie. Bingo is the most popular game which is mostly used for raising money for charity cause worldwide. So, if you want to learn and play free bingo, without losing your money online, you should join free no deposit bingo website immediately and register your name at no deposit bingo sites and start playing free bingo and have some fun with a chance to win prizes.